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Writing for the Connecticut Journal of Science Education

What to submit and writing tips

  • Effective inquiry activities
  • Integrated science experiences
  • Successful partnerships or programs
  • Themes of current issues in science education
  • Content helpful for teacher training
  • Connecticut education issues
  • Local field trip experiences

Manuscript presentation

  • Your manuscript should not exceed 2000 words.
  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced.
  • SI (metric) units should be used throughout the manuscript where appropriate.
  • Tables, graphs, and charts should be appropriately labeled and credited.
  • Bibliographies and resource lists should be alphabetized and limited to current, readily available items.
  • Provide links where appropriate to web resources and more information


When taking photographs for the Journal, students in laboratory settings must be shown following the appropriate safety guidelines and wearing proper safety attire. Students' faces should be visible, but they shouldn't look directly at the camera.

How to submit

  • To submit your manuscript, you will first have to save it as a Word document.
  • Please choose a file name based on the title or content of your manuscript.
  • All graphics should be scanned and embedded in the document.
  • When embedding a graphic, please use only low-resolution files (72 dpi).

For more information contact us.

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