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CSTA Board Members

July 2016 through June 2018

 Executive Board
President Louise McMinn 2016-2018
Vice President Diane Hart 2016-2018
Secretary Betty Catelli 2015-2017
Treasurer Pat DeCoster 2016-2017
Immediate Past President Ray Cirmo 2016-2018
Appointed by the President  
Terry Wilson
Newsletter Editor Ray Delahant  
Journal Editor Ray Delehant  
Laurel Kohl

 County Directors
Sarah Faulkner
Hartford Rachel Manzer 2016-2018
Fairfield Open 2015-2017
Fairfield Open 2016-2018
New Haven Kevin Fleming 2015-2017
New Haven Open 2016-2018
Litchfield Open 2015-2017
Middlesex Open 2016-2018
New London Open 2016-2018
Windham Ralph Yulo 2015-2017
Tolland Open 2016-2018

 Level Directors
Pat Ruane
Middle School Heather Toothaker 2015-2017
High School Crystal Caouette 2016-2018
Vo-Tech Leslie Czerwinski 2016-2018
Independent Schools Open 2015-2017
Parochial Schools John Cook 2016-2018
Charter/Magnets Scott Johnson 2016-2018
Higher Education Open 2015-2017
Retired Teachers Norm Barstow 2015-2017
If you are interested in serving on the CSTA Board, please email us!
All CSTA members are eligible to be board members.
Nominations are being accepted for appointments to fill vacancies. To make a nomination of yourself or another CSTA member please contact Louise McMinn.
To learn more about how your board members can assist you, and about resources that may be available in your county or for your special interest, please click on the board title in the left column.  (This feature is under construction. Please bear with us as we expand our resources for members!)