Marty Tafel Student Awards

Each year CSTA presents a $500 award to the eighth grade winners of the Connecticut Science Fair in the divisions of physical science and life science. This award is made possible through a bequest to the organization from Marty Tafel. Past winners of this award include:

Mr. Allic V. Sivaramakrishnan West Hartford
Mr. David Wu Waterbury
Mr. Lucas E. McComb East Granby


Allic V. Sivaramakrishnan
"Chaos And Its Control In Physical And Biological Systems."
Talcott Mountain Academy, Farmington

Naomi Barnum
"Quantitative Analysis Of Vaccinium Flavonoids As Cancer Inhibitor And Antioxidant"
Hillel Academy, Fairfield


Jayne E. Kerner
"Catching Some Rays"
St. Joseph, Danbury

Ms. Alexandra L. McIe
"Preventing Colic In Horses"
Brewster, New York


Elijah L. Mena
"Ethanol From Biomass Using Fungus"
Ledyard Middle School

Michael A. Discenza
"Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Energy Source Of The Future; Investigating Efficiency As A Function Of Resistance"
Har-Bur Middle School


Mr. Brandon Charlesworth
"The Paper Route: An Investigation Into The Recycling Properties of Different Types of Paper."
New Haven

Mr. Matt Rizzotti
"A Study of Well Depth, Location, and Hardness."
Brewster, New York


Sarah D. Kennedy
"Analysis of Wetland Dieback of Marsh Spartina Alterniflora on Long Island Sound"
Hillel Academy

Adam C. Kee
"Gyromills; Jetstream Power Plants"
St. Catherine of Siena School


Chirstina A. Cote
"Metal Corrosion"
St Gregory the Great School

Ryan D. Kerr
"The Effect of Phytohormones on Plant Growth and Development"
St Joseph School

Bethany N. Dubois
"The Effect of Amygdalin on Cancerous and Normal Epithelial Breast Cells"
Newtown Middle School

Bridget M. Oei
"The Application of Faraday's Law of Induction to Harness Ocean Wave Energy"
Home Schooled
Haley M. Ryan
"Improved Process for Bioremediation of Oil Contaminated Seawater"
St. Rose of Lima School, Newtown
Sean Oleasz
"Aerodynamics: A Study in the Improvement of Auto Body Aerodynamic Efficiency"
St. Timothy Middle School, West Hartford
Paul Han
"On the Application of Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors"
Smith Middle School, Glastonbury
Alexander Y. Russell
"Phytoremediation: Removal of metal pollutants from contaminated soil and effect of chelators"
Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy, Orange

Claudia Bernstein
"The Effects of OTC Pain Killers on Gastric Health and Development of Ulcers"
Greens Farms Academy, Westport

Ethan Novek
"Inertia Propulsion"
Cental Middle School, Greenwich

Owen Petno
"The Effects of Antioxidants on Cell Regrowth and Regeneration in Lumbricus varigatus"
Greens Farms Academy, Westport

Gabriel Mesa
"Graphene Enhanced Piezoelectric Generator for Environmental Energy Conservation"
Canton Middle School, Canton

Catherine Herrick
"An Investigation of the Ingestion of Microscopic Plastic Particles Blue Mussel, Mytilus edulis"
St. Rose of Lima School, Newtown

Emily Fedor
"Using Induced Wind Force to Increase the Efficiency of an Electric Vehicle Battery"
St. Mark School, Stratford

Analiese Seaman
"An Egg-cellent Experiment"
St. Gregory the Great School, Danbury

Dravyn Okoney
"Producing Renewable Energy Using Piezoelectric Walking Surfaces"
Fields Memorial School, Bozrah