Get Involved in CSTA!
There are many ways to get involved with Connecticut Science Teachers Association. You can do a lot daily and with your peers, or you could take a role that helps advance science education in the state. There is something here for everyone.
  • Share information about CSTA with your peers. This could be inviting them to join you at a workshop or conference, or sharing information from our communications.
  • Post notices in your teachers' room or send them to educators in your district. Help us to get the word out about events and resources for teachers.
  • Attend our workshops, present at conferences, share your knowledge!
Take a larger role:
  • Join a CSTA committee.
  • Write for the newsletter or Journal.
  • Join the CSTA board.
Learn More
We invite you to learn more about how you can get involved in CSTA:
  • CSTA Committees - join a committee and lend a hand
  • Education Policy - learn about what is happening in the state and beyond
  • Join CSTA - become a member of Connecticut Science Teachers Association
  • Nominations - nominate yourself or a peer for a board position
  • Calendar - keep up with events happening in science in Connecticut