What is the Building a Presence for Science (or Science Matters) Newsletter?

Connecticut initiated this publication in 2000. It is now a wholly voluntary effort, with an electronic newsletter of events and items of interest to the science education community. It is a great place to watch for professional development, programs, events, great weblinks, lesson ideas, and so much more.

     Eloise Farmer is the volunteer editor extraordinaire. She puts together all of this information on a monthly basis, and it is delivered to email boxes on the first of the month. Here is a copy of the February 2015 newsletter to see what you might be missing!  

Who can get the Building a Presence Newsletter?

     All educators are welcome to participate. 

How do I get on the list to receive the Newsletter?

     In order to receive the newsletter, one must register with NSTA as a Point of Contact and they will be added to the list of recipients.  To register, go to http://bap.nsta.org/  and sign up. 
     If your organization is not listed (it asks for a school, but your organization is considered a school by the computer!) please contact Eloise Farmer at eloisef302@gmail.com, and she will add it in. 

I work with a group/project/organization, and I'd like to get something into the newsletter. How do I do that?

     Send your announcements to Eloise Farmer at eloisef302@gmail.com …please no PDFs and using Calibri font size 11 makes life much easier!