MITProgram Description
2012 marks the 23rd year of the Science and Engineering Program for Teachers at MIT!
For more than 20 years the MIT Science and Engineering Program for Teachers (SEPT) has been engaging and enlightening teachers from around the world. Through a heavy dose of the latest and greatest science and engineering research delivered by MIT researchers and teachers, the program has reached teachers in a unique way through a drink of knowledge from the MIT "firehose". The program has managed to capture a snapshot of MIT and deliver it to teachers for one week every summer.
In those 20 years, the landscape of both teaching and research has changed dramatically. Lectures are now available online, the demands of the classroom have increased, and much research takes place not only in wet labs and wind tunnels, but also through the art and science of simulation. With this in mind, in 2010 we relaunched SEPT in the form of SEPT 2.0. This new version of SEPT aims to capture the unique experience of hearing about the latest in cutting-edge research while providing a more in-depth, hands-on experience with applications in and after school.
The MIT Club of Hartford has sponsored 1-2 teachers a year to attend this program. For 2012, the deadline to submit your application for support is February 15, 2012. You may email the completed application to Avi Ornstein at