Connecticut's Science Framework and
Grade Level Expectations for grades PK-8
Thanks to those who provided feedback and comments on the October 2008 draft of the Science Curriculum Standards with Grade-Level Expectations. The GLEs have been updated and are now posted at

The following FAQs are explained in greater depth in the revised "Introduction" to the Curriculum Standards:

Q: What are Grade-Level Expectations?

A: GLEs express what students should be able TO DO to demonstrate their science knowledge. They are learner outcomes that are outgrowths of Framework curriculum Content Standards;

Q: How are GLEs related to the Science CMT?

A: Framework Expected Performances continue to serve as the assessment expectations. GLEs relate to curriculum. Assessed concepts and skills are a subset of the broader curriculum. Although some GLEs may be assessed on CMT, they are measured primarily through classroom- and district-level assessments.

Q: Are GLEs state-mandated lesson plans?

A: No, GLE performances are attained through cumulative learning over a series of lessons. Districts may prioritize GLEs and may add them gradually to the curriculum.


  • Clarification of intended purpose and use (revised Introduction)
  • Addition of distinct Prekindergarten GLEs
  • Reduction in number (especially in Gr. 6-8)
  • More GLEs correlated to framework INQs (esp. in K-2)
  • Condensed or simplified language; added more 'e.g.'
  • Changed "CMT Correlation" in PK-2 to "Assessment"
CSDE hopes that districts will find this resource helpful for enhancing curriculum, instruction and assessment of learning.
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